Madame Bovary in Blue

In the Library by Auguste Toulmouche - 1872

In the Library by Auguste Toulmouche – 1872

Well, I deeply enjoyed Madame Bovary.  Flaubert has an interesting way of producing a scenario of which he clearly disapproved (the adultery of a married woman) in a way that nevertheless revealed her as a flawed, fallible, sympathetic human being.

In this post, I’m going to be looking at the absence of female friends in Emma’s life, the effect of the male gaze and the significance of the colour blue on her narrative.

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The Birds of Bleak House

Victorian Woman Reading - Lady Clementina Hawarden

Dickens is a tricky author for me – much like Austen, I think he’ll prove to be an acquired taste.  In Bleak House, I thought I’d finally developed an appetite for him: secret identities, London fog and a smattering of Victorian sentimentality; what’s not to love?


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Musings on Mansfield Park

This was quite an interesting book for me to begin Nabokov Cocktail with – I’ve read it once before and didn’t enjoy it at all.  I had to learn to read Jane Austen, you see, and her subtleties were beyond me until I’d read about four books by her, and Mansfield Park was book number three.  So this was quite an experiment!  It still isn’t a favourite, but it’s fun to explore intellectually and I can appreciate it much more now.

In this article I’ll be exploring incest and wayward women in the novel.  What?  Such incendiary topics in delicate Jane Austen?  Read on, dear reader; read on.

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