About Nabokov Cocktail

Lectures on Literature is a collection of Nabokov’s famous lectures on seven literary masterpieces; Nabokov Cocktail is a read-along book blog in which Nabokov’s Lecture’s on Literature will be used to explore these seven literary giants, each one from a different era, style or genre.  At the end of each fortnight, I will create a blog post discussing the book, Nabokov’s lecture on it and comparing his ideas to other pieces of scholarship that the non-academic reader might not have access to (JSTOR, I’m looking at you and your subscription fees).  Don’t worry!  I know that may sound a touch dull, but honestly – this is going to be fun.

About Alex

I aspire to be an English Literature academic, but am currently working my way through my undergrad.  At 29, I’m technically a mature student, but I still feel a childish awe and wonder when faced with a brand new book to explore.  I have two beautiful grey cats, I play the harp for fun (though not as often as I ought) and my fiancé and I own about a thousand books between us.  No, seriously.